Spiritual Guidance

See your life from a higher perspective

Spiritual Guidance and messages from spirit offers you a chance to see your life and challenges from a higher Soul level perspective.

What Type of Guidance is Right for You?

I offer three different types of sessions, and while you can choose which type of session you prefer, be aware that there may be some crossover in some cases. For example, your loved one may decide to “pop in” during a psychic reading if there is a message they really need to get through to you. The same might happen during a healing. Once the door to spirit is open, they are in charge of what information you need to have and how it is delivered. Rest assured only the most compassionate, loving messages from the light, and for your highest good, will come through.

A Psychic Reading is appropriate when you’re dealing with a specific situation, question, you are at a crossroads and need to make a decision, or you just want an overview of what your energy is brining in over the next 3-12 months. Let’s take a look at the most likely outcomes and scenarios given what your energy is attracting as of today.

An Akashic Reading will give you an overview of your Soul; your traits, talents, personality, life lessons and life purpose. Often illustrated by glimpses into your past lives.

A Mediumship Session is called for when you have something you want to say, or something you need to hear, from a loved one who has crossed into Spirit. A session allows for closure, forgiveness or healing to occur.

Psychic Reading

Tarot & channeling

Sometimes you need more than comfort or advice from a well meaning friend. You need guidance with the full weight of Spirit behind it.

During a psychic reading, I pull some cards, connect to your energy and your guides, and interpret what is in the process of manifesting for you. It is literally a snapshot of what your energy is attracting as of this moment and what is expected to come about if all the elements remain unchanged. It serves to highlight where you are right now, and where you are likely to be heading, but it is not set in stone. We all have free will and you are literally “one decision away from a totally different life”. What you focus on today (positive or negative, consciously or unconsciously), is what potentially could be in your reality tomorrow.

I will deliver what I am seeing and receiving for you with as little subjective interpretation as possible. There are times when what the cards are showing, and/or the images or metaphors from spirit, are unclear or misinterpreted. There are times when maybe you cannot confirm the information until a later date. Never hesitate to ask for clarification if you do not understand the message. It is my desire to be accurate and clear.

Please keep in mind… A psychic reading can be difficult, as sometimes the truth revealed is not what you want to hear. It is extremely important when you are receiving a reading to keep an open mind, leave your attachment to any specific outcome at the door, and focus on what your Soul needs versus what your ego may wish to hear. Your job is simply to take the information, messages, and sometimes warnings, and prepare or make changes while letting your life unfold.

Akashic Reading

Guidance from Your Soul's “book of life"

Your Soul’s contracts and plan for learning lessons and overcoming challenges in this lifetime, and the part your past lives potentially played in the shaping of this life’s plan.

The Akashic Field or Akashic Records is often described metaphorically as a library containing all knowledge, and your Soul’s records are referred to as your “Book of Life”; but, it is not really something that exists in a single specified place or as an actual scroll or book. The Akashic Records are contained in the energy vibrations of the universe. It exists within, and all around us.

According to Edgar Cayce, the preeminent practitioner in this field, The Akashic Records, or “The Book of Life,” can be equated to the universe’s super-computer system. I personally refer to it as the “spiritual internet” and when I do a reading, it is similar to doing a “google search” of your records. The “search engine” (aka Keepers of the Akashic Records) then delivers the most relevant information for your highest good at this time.

Before we begin, I will need your full name at birth, your full name now, your birthdate and place of birth. I will create a sacred space and recite a prayer asking that your records be opened. Once I am “in your records” I will give you my overall impression of your eternal Soul and any other “general” information the Keepers and Guides wish to convey. Then we have a conversation where you have an opportunity to ask specific questions. It is helpful to be as specific as possible in order to steer the Keepers toward the precise information you are looking for.

In response to your questions, I will often see portions of one or more past lives in addition to images and metaphors, that illustrate patterns and dynamics pertinent to a problem, situation or relationship in this life. We often reincarnate to complete or resolve an issue that we were unable to resolve in a past life.

You now have the knowledge and a Soul level perspective that enables you to make choices and decisions with clarity and understanding of the “big picture”.

There is a vast amount of information contained within the records, you will be presented with only the information that offers the most guidance, hope and healing, and is the most relevant to your current life.

Preparation     Please take some time to write your questions down ahead of time, then write a few sub-questions that refine your intention and help you get to the heart of the information you are seeking. For example, you might initially ask, “What is my relationship with Jane”? Then as sub-questions, you might write, “Why do I feel intimidated by Jane,” or “How can I resolve my current conflict with Jane?” By listing sub-questions, you will narrow it down to the essence of the question or issue you would like to have resolved. If you can bring that specific question to your reading, you will be more likely to receive an answer that helps clarify the issue you are asking about.

Mediumship Session

evidential mediumship

Always, the point of a mediumship reading is to bridge the physical and spiritual realms with love and the intention of giving hope and healing to you and those in Spirit.

A mediumship session is a collaborative process between Spirit, me as the medium, and you as the sitter. We work together to get irrefutable evidence (thus the term evidential mediumship) that you recognize and can accept, that this is your loved one or a person in spirit with whom you have a connection.

Once we establish firm confirmation and identity, we can then ask for messages and have a “conversation”. Sometimes, the message is purely to say “ I love you and I’m doing okay here”, and sometimes it’s more detailed and in depth.

Spirit communication is like speaking with a foreigner that doesn’t speak your language. Words might not have a common meaning but images and emotions are universal.

I receive psychic impressions, symbols and metaphors from spirit as images, emotions, a “knowing”, or sometimes spoken words, and it’s my job to interpret these messages. Because the Spirit people communicate in symbols and metaphors, it can sometimes be difficult to interpret them correctly. For example, a spirit might show me an Aspen tree turning yellow – which could mean a trip to see Fall colors that you took together, the time of year they passed, or the actual town of Aspen. I can, and do, ask spirit for clarification, but I may need to ask you if any of these scenarios sound right to you as well.

It is also important to remember that just as humans have varying levels of psychic awareness, the people in spirit do not all have the ability to connect with a medium with ease. Some are more adept at communication and able to come through more clearly than others.

If there is a specific person you would like to connect with please bring an object that was owned or special to that person and I will do my best to connect with them. Spirit will know of your desire to connect but there is no guarantee they will come through. You will hear from the person(s) that want, need, or are available to come through.

Sometimes the reason a person comes through is for their purposes and their healing, not yours.

Always, the point of a mediumship reading is to bridge the physical and spiritual realms with love and the intention of giving hope and healing to you and those in Spirit.

“Mediumship isn’t for show, it’s for healing"

For many people, confirmation of life after death is very liberating. When you realize that our souls are eternal and continue on after death, it changes your perspective and frees you to make bolder choices, be more loving and forgiving, see your life and challenges as having reason and purpose, and appreciate the people and relationships in your life. You cannot die, so you become free to truly live.

Preparation for Your Reading

Before, During & After

Before    Being prepared will assist you in having the most informative and effective reading. Find a location where you will be undisturbed by others and take a few moments for yourself in silence to quiet your mind and set an intention for the session. What would you like to accomplish during your reading? You may want to prepare some specific questions ahead of time but please keep in mind, you have free will, so questions about the future will be answered in possibilities and potentials. Ask for the “likely outcome if…” Try to avoid questions with the words “should or shouldn’t”. Spirit does not pass judgement, right or wrong, and they will not take away your free will by telling you what to do. Ask questions regarding “What are the potential benefits of doing…. or Is pursuing this for my highest good?” Ask only questions pertaining to your own soul, your own life, and your own highest good. You may also ask “Is there anything else my guides want me to know?”

Please dress comfortably and commit to our time in this sacred space.

If you cannot be fully present, without distractions or interruptions, we will need to reschedule.

Also, it is important the you are not under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.

During      Focus on the specific information being received, ask direct questions and offer direct answers without elaborating unless asked to do so. Keep an open mind and realize that spirit’s perspective is broader than how you may interpret the situation. All channeled information is important, so don’t dismiss anything even if you do not immediately understand its relevance. When you receive guidance that is a direct “hit”, it is in your interest to make that confirmation immediately. And, do not say you understand if you do not. If you do not understand the message, let me know so I can try to explain information in a different way or to double check what I am receiving. If the information still does not feel right, trust your own intuition and please share with me what does not seem to fit and why. Please have a pen and paper handy to take notes to refer back to afterwards.

After     When the reading or session is complete, take a few moments to review your notes and ask any lingering questions while the information is still fresh. Our goal is to gain answers, clarity, guidance and healing, and I want to be sure that you leave feeling complete with the session. Take some time in the days following the reading or session to evaluate the information you received for accuracy. Does it feel right and true to you? Sometimes the information will make more sense to you in the days after the session, so it’s good to review your notes weeks, or months after the reading to verify and validate.

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