“A Shaman sees with their heart."

Sandra Ingerman

Shamanic Reiki Soul Healing

do you need to be “put back together”?

Have you been through a traumatic experience, life transition, or painful loss? Do you suffer from depression, emotional trauma or just don’t feel 100%?

Your Soul, Light Body or Luminous Energy Field is the essence of the eternal YOU. Some people refer to it as your aura but that’s not quite right. We are not a physical body with an aura, but a Light Body with the physical body that we see as merely the most dense, visible part of us. So, for true and lasting healing to take place, we must heal the entire person, the entire Light body and Soul. The principles and practices of Shamanic healing are how we go about it, the method we use, to heal the Light body of blockages, damage and traumatic imprints. A healing also clears and realigns your blueprint, energy grid, and Chakras.

A Shamanic Soul Healing session is conducted in a sacred space of compassion and trust that allows you to fully engage in your healing journey. A safe, nonjudgemental and respectful space where you can:

  • Explore your issues and challenges
  • Address and heal your energetic emotional and physical wounds
  • Welcome home and integrate a piece of your vital essence or Soul part
  • Release unhealed trauma and attachments
  • Reunite with your power animal and personal power
  • Heal ancestral trauma

One or more of the following Shamanic healing practices or procedures may be used during your healing session.

The imprint  of trauma  (intrusion) is stored energetically in your Light Body (Soul) and if left unhealed or untreated, It can develop into a serious blockage, illness or chronic condition and subtly, or not so subtly, sabotage your life.

Energetic Emotional Wounds

Energetic emotional wounds, or intrusive energies, often start with negative emotions, (such as anger, jealousy, pain, envy, grief, insecurity, resentment or other unresolved feelings) that we have taken into our bodies in response to harmful thought patterns or painful events. It happens when you are immersed in a toxic environment, or when negative thought or feelings are directed at you. It can also come from ourselves, from chronic self-abuse and negative self-talk (a form of self-hypnosis). The negative energy becomes embedded in our Light Body and shows up as a dark splotch to a healer. (see below)

Symptoms of Energetic Emotional Wounds:

  • Disruptions in one or more body systems or organs.
  • Anger, irritability or inflamed temperament.
  • Itchy or inflamed skin – eczema and acne
  • Chronic Bronchitis or Asthma
  • Hardened arteries, clots and blockages in circulatory system
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Anxiety, Stress and Depression
Energetic Physical Wounds

An energetic physical wound is caused from a physical injury that has left an imprint in our Lightbody. Some are past-life injuries that were severe enough to leave an imprint that has become activated in our current life. It can present as localized pain in the body: a phantom illness or area of pain that defies medical diagnosis, or even a part of the body that is repeatedly prone to injury. For example, I have removed a bullet lodged in the back in a past life that left an energetic imprint in the energy body of a client, to relieve back pain in this life.

Symptoms of Energetic Physical Wounds:

  • A peculiar localized pain in some part of your body, that doesn’t go away, yet can”t be diagnosed
  • Stuck energy in the body that doesn’t seem to move or change
  • You teel like you have been slimed by someone or some situation
  • A part of your body that is oddly prone to injury and re-injury
  • A feeling of being a target energetically, from someone who is angry (work, socially, family)

Energetic wounds often develop from situations where our Spirit has been weakened and made vulnerable by Soul loss or power loss. They can also be a manifestation of an imprint of suffering or even the manner of our death in a previous lifetime. Left unhealed, these energetic wounds can sometimes turn into an actual chronic illness.

The Shamanic healer goes in like a psychic surgeon to find the negative energy or imprint, extract it, and then heal the wound and fill it with light.

Soul loss is a shamanic term used to describe an imbalance caused by the loss or disassociation of some part of our vital essence (soul part) which can result in emotional or physical disease. When a Soul undergoes severe distress, grief, trauma or abuse, a part of the soul disassociatesand must be “retrieved” or brought back and integrated with the Soul for a complete healing to occur.

During a traumatic event, it is a natural human response to temporarily disassociate from your body, go numb, or withdraw to cope with the pain. Sometimes a trauma is more brief, like a car accident, and you may go through a period that feels like shock, but then slowly come back to yourself as the danger has passed. However, if the trauma is more chronic: like childhood sexual abuse or being in an abusive relationship — or physically dangerous: like being assaulted, raped, or in a war zone (PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – is often associated with Soul Loss) this depersonalization and disassociation (or soul loss) becomes more serious and prolonged. You may feel apathetic towards life, or chronically fearful, or have relentless depression. Also, you may try to fill the void of this emptiness with addictions such as drugs, alcohol, food, or sex.

From a shamanic perspective, prolonged and chronic difficulties indicate that the lost soul part has not been able to return on its own and requires an intervention, for without the wholeness of having all your parts back and intact, you can find functioning in the world difficult and painful.

Sometimes Soul loss occurs because you have given part of your vital essence (a soul part) to someone else, or allowed them to take it. Conversely, if someone has taken this vital essence, it may happen because they are trying to control you or don’t want to let go of you.

If you are going through a break-up that is not mutual, and despite your strongest convictions you keep getting back together, your ex may have a “piece of you” and it may feel impossible to break away. Shamanically, this is called ‘soul theft’ and it presents as an unnatural or unhealthy connection to another person that may feel awkward, controlling, and uncomfortable.

Soul retrieval is an ancient form of spiritual healing in which the Healer, (through journeying, visioning, and tracking) locates your lost vital essence (or soul parts), heals them, and merges them back into you to restore your spiritual wholeness and Sacred Balance.

One of the benefits of a Soul retrieval, is that it returns the gifts of strength, resilience and personal power that the lost soul parts embodied. Clients often report feeling calmer and more at peace than they have felt for years after receiving a soul retrieval.

Many shamanic cultures believe we are born with one or more spirit guardians in the form of a Spirit Animal. In some traditions they can also be called Power Animal, Spirit Animal, or Totem Animal. They are compassionate Animal Light-Beings, who act as guardians and protect our physical and spiritual vitality. This special guardian connects you to your body, your wisdom, and to the Earth, while guiding, protecting, grounding, and inspiring you. Shamans believe that when we become disconnected from our power animals we lose our personal power.

A power animal retrieval reconnects you with your special guardian, rebuilding stamina, vital energy, a sense of purpose and a connection to your gifts. Instruction is given after the retrieval to help you maintain and honor your relationship with your animal.

We carry in our Souls and energetic bodies the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain, and grief of our own many past lives and also our ancestors. Sometimes we are unconscious of how the energy of old family wounds informs how we think and act in everyday life and sometimes it is painfully obvious even to an outside observer. This is why we see patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, poor health and many other traits passed down through generations.

From a spiritual perspective, these traits are seen as energetic imprints in our Lightbody or ancestral “curses”, which need to be cleared so the ancestral pattern ceases to inform our behavior or health. Modern science has just recently been able to identify what Shamans from ancient times have already known: trauma gets passed down through generations. Now with the science of epigenetics we know that trauma even shows up in our genes.

Ancestral imprints may manifest as:

  • A debilitating belief or emotion which you share with other members of your family lineage.
  • A pattern of bad luck (feeling the family is “cursed”) that consistently happens across generations.
  • A psychological pattern such as addictions, abuse, co-dependency, low self-worth, abandonment that repeats across generations.
  • A particularly destructive behavior such as substance abuse, addiction or incest which runs through your family.
  • Health problems or accidents that appear in “themes” along a male or female lineage. For example: men of the family having heart attacks in their mid 40’s or back injuries that befall women of the family at a particular age.

Ancestral healing helps clear patterns in the family line – almost like re-working our DNA – and ends the cycle of suffering for future generations.

Ancestral Healing involves a customized healing that utilizes elements of both a Soul/Lightbody Healing, and an Akashic Healing.

What to Expect During a Shamanic Reiki Soul Healing

A Shamanic Soul Healing Session is done in three parts: Conversation/Intuitive Therapy followed by the Shamanic Journey for Healing, then we take some time to Share and Integrate the wisdom and healing received during the Journey.

Conversation/Intuitive Therapy

We talk about your issues, what’s happened to you, your perceptions of it, and how it’s manifesting in your life now. I will gather some personal and family history, listen to your stories, and ask questions. I will make observations to help you uncover potential patterns and areas of concern. We will discuss what I am getting intuitively as the likely course of action – subject to redirection by Spirit of course.


This is when I do the actual healing work. I will do a brief journey to asses your energy, your chakras, and identify the imprint of traumatic wounds from this life, or a past life or detect Soul loss. The information gathered will be used to determine the path of your healing journey.

During the Shamanic healing journey I work in tandem with healers in Spirit to not only clear any blockages and sludge I observed in your Chakras but also heal your Soul (Light Body) by removing karmic debris, attachments, intrusions, repairing trauma (from this life and other lives) and performing energetic “surgery” as required.

This is done mostly in silence but may involve some communication particularly if the healing is done in person. The healing may involve a Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval. Extractions, Clearing, Cord Cutting, or Ancestral Healing; whatever the situation calls for. In all my healing work I am assisted by many different Spiritual Beings; Spirit Doctors, Angels, Ascended Masters, Nature Spirits, Power Animals, along with my personal Spirit Helpers and Guides, to restore you to wholeness and health.

Sharing & Integration

You share with me what you experienced during our healing session; colors, impressions, feelings, etc. I share with you the story of what was done, seen, experienced, heard and felt during my time in Spirit. We will discuss messages from Spirit regarding concerns, warnings, or lifestyle changes that will support your ongoing healing process including self-care and integration of the knowledge gained and the healing received during the session. Please take notes or record this portion of the session if you desire for reference later.

Depending on the nature of the issues and the work involved, significant healing can be accomplished in 1 to 3 sessions. Many clients find that one session is all they need; however, in my experience if you have significant trauma or many intertwining issues, more sessions may be needed because different facets of the issue reveal themselves to be healed during the course of each new healing session. As every new piece to the puzzle is revealed, it results in a more complete picture and a more comprehensive healing. Some clients will also benefit from other therapies and services that I offer to reinforce healing and transformation, such as Herbal Remedies, A Sacred Healing Ceremony, Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression.

I offer 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour Healing sessions. Please select the appropriate length based on your individual needs at this time.

Preparation & Aftercare

Before, During & After your healing session

Please dress comfortably and commit to our time in this sacred space, whether in person or virtual. If you cannot be fully present, without distractions, we will need to reschedule. Also, it is important the you are not under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.

Schedule your appointment so you have time afterwards for yourself. Having a clear intention and desire for healing (as well as being willing to let go of old patterns that are unhealthy) strengthens the effects of the healing. If this is your first session, I will be asking you questions about your life regarding past traumas, health, difficulties in your current life and family history. Reflect for yourself if there are negative belief systems, self-esteem issues, or other patterns of behavior that you feel are difficult to overcome and are affecting your happiness and wellbeing.

For example:

What is not working in my life?

What feels out of balance?

What is missing, or what qualities have I lost which I long to reclaim?

Are there unhealthy patterns in my life which keep repeating?

Are there people in my life to which I have an unhealthy connection?

Are there places in my body where I am regularly feeling pain or discomfort?

Does my life feel out of control?

Are there themes in my ancestry which are getting repeated in my life?

Why am I feeling called to seek spiritual healing now?

I find that once an appointment is set, synchronicities begin to happen which support bringing to the surface what is in need of healing. Be open to any unusual shifts that begin to take place and take note.

In the days before your session, you can ask for a healing dream,  meditate, or say a prayer that you are committed to change as a way of creating an affirmation and intention to set your healing in motion.

Your success is directly affected by the intensity of your desire for healing, the intentions that you set for our session, your eagerness to embrace change, and your willingness to actively create new healthy ways of living your life.

For our session, please dress comfortably and commit to our time in this sacred space, whether in person or distance. If our session is via phone, I may hang up while I complete your healing journey. I ask that while I am journeying, which lasts from 30 minutes to one hour, that you remain somewhere quiet and peaceful, and in a relaxed, meditative state with your phone on silent or do not disturb.


Healing does not end when our session is over. The healing energy will continue to flow for the next 24-48 hours and you may continue to experience changes, feel a little lightheaded, or even feel a profound sense of peace. 

An adjustment period is necessary for you to acclimate to the healing and changes in your body, mind and spirit. Be patient and allow sufficient time for the healing to settle into your energy system. It may take several days to fully integrate the healing you have received. You may find that insights and observations come to mind to be analyzed with clarity and a new perspective helping to further resolve your issues. Also, it is not unusual for aches and pains, or long buried emotions to flare up or rise to the surface to be resolved and released during the days after a session.

Nurture yourself. You may need more rest, drink plenty of water to help flush old toxicity from your body, and take a cleansing salt bath if you are able. The effects of the healing can be gradual or dramatic, each individual experiences it differently. You may want to spend some time meditating and quietly contemplating your life and any changes you might need to make to support your healing. If you wish, I can provide you with some recommendations for reading and resources to help you along your healing path.

Please DO NOT stop taking any medication you are using, and it is important to continue any medical treatment as recommended by your doctor(s). Spiritual healing aids and complements all other forms of healing but does not replace them.

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