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I offer multiple Spiritual healing modalities and services to heal your Mind, Body & Soul.

The core of what I do is Shamanic Soul Healing. If you have been through a traumatic experience, a life transition, loss, or simply feel like you’re not 100% and need an energy tune-up or to be put back together.

The Sacred Healing Ceremonies are more specialized vehicles for change, transformation, spiritual awakening, revelation, release and healing.

The Guided Journeys can be a more profoundly rich and healing experience than if I journey or read for you. If you don’t want to be told what I see for you, but want to see it for yourself, try a guided journey. 

Spiritual Guidance is helpful when you need more than just comfort or advice from a well meaning friend. You need guidance with the full weight of Spirit behind it.

Holistic Spa Services restore Body, Mind & Soul with an indulgent natural facial or body treatment featuring wildcraft botanicals. I am a licensed esthetician and if you live nearby, come in for a holistic spa treatment rooted in herbalism.

Keep in mind that what you need to heal today, may not be what you need at another point on your healing journey. For example, after a sudden, unexpected loss or breakup, you may come in for a Personal Grief Ceremony or Release Ceremony to soothe your immediate and acute emotional turmoil. Then, later on, after you’ve moved past the initial trauma, you may want to come in for a Shamanic Soul Healing to heal any residual emotional wounds and/or retrieve a lost Soul part.  OR,  you may choose to do that in the reverse order, heal your Soul and then give a meaningful period at the end of that sentence with a Ceremony.

If you are uncertain what service you need, or in what order, please schedule a call for a 20 minute consultation to  discuss the options that best meet your needs.

Healing Services

Shamanic Soul Healing
       Soul Retrieval
       Power Animal Retrieval
       Ancestral Healing
Sacred Healing Ceremonies
       Release / Cord Cutting
       Personal Grief Ceremony
       Space Clearing / Saging
Guided Journeys
       Guided Shamanic Journey
       Guided Meditation/Imagery
       Past Life Regression
Spiritual Guidance
       Psychic Reading / Tarot
       Akashic Reading
       Mediumship Session
Holistic Spa Services
       Body Therapies

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