Sacred Healing Ceremonies

release emotional and physical trauma

A Shamanic ceremony includes many elements that are designed to bring you into communion with the sacred and further your personal transformation.

"We use ritual to create agreement between ourselves and the power of the universe for what we wish to create in our lives."

Sandra Ingerman

Shamanic ceremonies are very deliberate, and include some key ingredients, such as: creating a clear intention, preparing sacred space, invoking helping spirits, cleansing the participants, (sage smoke or essential oils), active participation, sometimes ingesting medicinal plants, and ultimately receiving release, inspiration, hope, healing, or awareness.

The ceremony concludes with giving deep gratitude and releasing the helping spirits and the sacred space.

Afterwards, there is a period of integration in which the lessons, insights, and healing work from the ceremony are fully incorporated into one’s being. This can take days, weeks, months, and in some cases, years.

Which Ceremony is right for you?

In addition to the Shamanic Soul healing ceremony, I offer three other individual healing ceremonies (see below) and occasionally offer group ceremonies, such as a Sacred Cacao ceremony. (Check the workshop page for dates and details.)

A Release ceremony allows you to remove old outdated negative behaviors and thought patterns, rebalance your energy and unburden your Soul. It can help you release, heal and get closure after a relationship has ended. A formal way to let go or “cut energetic ties” with someone after a break up, divorce, or death.

A Space Clearing ceremony can help If your space has witnessed trauma, anxiety, abuse, heartache, depression or loss. All that bad juju soaked into the pores of your house, apartment or office. A space holds negative energy the same way a person does. You scrub the floors and clean the kitchen; don’t stop there, clean and purify the energy too.

A Personal Grief ceremony can help when you’ve lost someone and you’re having a difficult time finding the balance between holding on and letting go. Or you have experienced a loss that requires a more meaningful or intimate period at the end of the sentence – a more private and personally symbolic ceremony to express your grief and honor your loved one.

Release Ceremony

"Cord Cutting"

Each time you interact with another, you make a connection energetically. Even after you separate, an energetic and emotional “cord” remains.

Cutting or healing these energetic “cords” is beneficial to clear past relationships and the emotions, experiences, resentments and trauma surrounding them.

Cord cutting does not sever the relationship (unless that is your intention) rather, it puts the relationship back on a healthy path. By cutting out old, negative energies, we allow space for new, more harmonious energies to enter the relationship and/or allow for a healthier relationship to come into your life.

You will feel a sense of being free and/or having a heavy burden removed. Effects may be felt physically, energetically, or emotionally.

You may want a Release ceremony in the following situations:
  • There is someone in your life that you no longer want in your life. (Depending on your relationship with this person you may need to also verbally express your wish to cease interactions with them).
  • After the ending of a relationship when you feel the emotional ties may stop you from moving forward in your life or you just have difficulty letting go.
  • When you have had a major change in a relationship, and you want to change old patterns or ways of interacting with someone.
  • Anytime you are transitioning to a new stage or phase of your life and you feel the need to let go of previous behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve you.

What to Expect During a Release Ceremony


We will discuss your situation, your issues, and/or the relationship, to determine how best to proceed. The elements of the ceremony are custom designed for you and your specific needs.

Energetic Removal, Release and Healing

I will do a brief diagnostic assessment of your Light Body and Chakras to determine where the unhealthy cord or attachment is and the best way to heal or remove it from your energy field.

Usually, both parties are partly responsible for creating an unhealthy dynamic in a relationship. If this is the case, your part needs to be acknowledged and responsibility accepted, even if it’s only 10%, for lasting transformation to occur. We will need to work together to identify, track and heal the pattern or “root” first, in order to prevent the cord from “growing back” after we cut it. The same applies to an unhealthy relationship with yourself. If we can identify the source, you have a much greater chance for true and lasting transformation.

Then I will cut, pull or remove the unhealthy cord from your energetic field and Light Body. I may have you repeat some words of affirmation during the process to reinforce your intention. I will heal the “wound” where the cord was attached, the surrounding area, and re-balance all of your Chakras. I will ask you to join me in sending love, healing and forgiveness to yourself, and to the other person, if appropriate, and you feel you are able to at this time.

If appropriate, we may also conduct a Fire Ceremony using a letter you have written to the person, a picture or an effigy representing the relationship or person, or a symbolic object, to burn with the intent to release and heal the relationship, with another or yourself.

You will join me in prayer to Spirit and the elements to transmute the negative energy back to the Earth.


When we cut cords and energetically remove ourselves from energy draining situations, a period of adjustment is to be expected. Even though it is beneficial, like any change, it can be uncomfortable.

The Other Person

Remember that you will know that you have cut the cords between yourself and the other person, but they will not. The other person will probably feel that the energy has changed, but will not be able to explain it. Be aware, and allow time for the energy to re-balance in the relationship. Also, be aware that the person who has been cut off may feel a sense of loss and try to reach out to you. If your wish is not to reconnect with this person, then maintain your healthy boundaries while allowing them adequate time to adjust.


If your intention was to release old outdated ways of being, this will also require a period of adjustment. Be kind to yourself, engage in positive self-affirming thoughts and behaviors. Treat yourself as you would a friend going through a major life transition.

Understand that by doing this work, the relationships involved may change in ways that you may not have anticipated. Some relationships may become closer, and others will become more distant. The outcome may not be what you were hoping for but trust the process. Most often what our ego wants is not actually what is best for us.

Space Clearing


Healing and Clearing for your indoor and outdoor environments.

Everything is made up of energy. Matter, and the space between “matter”, is energy, all of which is capable of holding positive or negative vibrations. This is as true of “spaces” (structures or landscapes) as it is of people. Think of Space clearing as “environmental shamanism”, or healing for your environment. I liberate trapped spirits, clear residual negative energy and transmute it to positive high vibrations.

Transformation of the energy of structures or landscapes often restores health, harmony, abundance, and peace of mind to all those interacting with and within the space.

The spiritual clearing of your land, home, office or other space may be needed if you or others are having any of the following experiences in a particular location:

  • A room, space or place feeling cold, dark, heavy, depressing, or just “not quite right” for no apparent reason.
  • A repeating theme of unfortunate “accidents” or “bad luck” incidents in a location.
  • A dwelling where ongoing disagreements, physical or emotional abuse has taken place.
  • A home, apartment or business after a spouse, roommate or disgruntled employee has left.

In general, these types of experiences can be attributed to the energetic imprint of some type of trauma or intense emotional interaction that happened at that location. Occasionally, the disturbance is due to a Spirit that is in distress and needs assistance.

What to Expect During a Space Clearing

I will connect to the energy of your space, the same way I would connect to your energy if I was doing a healing on you. I will move around your space (whether in person or virtually) noting which areas need attention and what I’m feeling. Clearing involves removing the negative energy, followed by re-energizing and balancing the space.

Personal Grief Ceremony

mindful & meaningful mourning

Grief Counseling to lend an empathetic ear and/or a Planning session help you to create a ceremony or ritual that is a personally meaningful way of honoring your loved one and mourning your loss.

Healthy mourning is the act of simultaneously letting go and holding on

I have suffered many losses in my life, expected and very unexpected, including the profound world shattering loss of a child. I know when I was going through the stages of grief, I needed and sought out someone who thought the way I did, someone who could relate to life and loss from a spiritual point of view. I felt that a traditional therapist or grief counselor just wouldn’t understand my beliefs and perspective. If you feel this way too, you have found an empathetic Soul with whom to share your grief story. It would be my honor to help you through this difficult time.

In addition to grief counseling, we can also work together to design a Personal Grief Ceremony or ritual to honor your loved one.

A Personal grief ceremony helps you to:
  • Accept the reality of the loss
  • Process the pain of grief
  • Adjust to a world without your loved one
  • Honor the memory of your loved one
  • Find an enduring connection with your loved one in the midst of embarking on a new life
  • Carve a unique path walking forward, ever deeper into you own personal journey through loss, grief, and mourning.

What to Expect in Planning a Personal Grief Ceremony

A Personal grief ceremony is customized for your specific needs and in harmony with your subjective experience of loss. Together, we ascertain what you need in order to facilitate a healthy and meaningful passage through mourning and then design a ceremony around meeting those needs. 

We will address all the components of the ceremony:

  • WHO  will be present?
  • WHAT  you would like the ceremony to include? Meaningful actions, objects, symbols, letters, a conversation, music or fire ceremony?
  • WHEN  will the ceremony take place? An anniversary or birthday, a special time of day or year?
  • WHERE  will it be held? A location special to the two of you, your home, a park?
  • HOW do you want to hold the ceremony?Do you prefer to perform the ceremony privately, or do you want me to facilitate? (If so, you will schedule that separately).

The very process of planning the ceremony is cathartic and a form of grief counseling, allowing you a framework with which to sort out your thoughts and feelings regarding your loss.

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