Personal Grief Ceremony

mindful & meaningful mourning

A Planning session and grief counseling to help you to create a ceremony or ritual that is a personally meaningful way of honoring your loved one and mourning your loss.

Healthy mourning is the act of simultaneously letting go and holding on

I have suffered many losses in my life, expected and very unexpected, including the profound world shattering loss of a child. I know when I was going through the stages of grief, I needed and sought out someone who thought the way I did, someone who could relate to life and loss from a spiritual point of view. I felt that a traditional therapist or grief counselor just wouldn’t understand my beliefs and perspective. If you feel this way too, you have found an empathetic Soul with whom to share your grief story. It would be my honor to help you through this difficult time.

We will take some time to explore your experience of loss, the complex and maybe contradictory emotions surrounding it, and the possibility of finding a path forward. Then, we will work together to design a Personal Grief Ceremony or ritual to honor your loved one that feels right for you.

A Personal grief ceremony helps you to:
  • Accept the reality of the loss
  • Process the pain of grief
  • Adjust to a world without your loved one
  • Honor the memory of your loved one
  • Find an enduring connection with your loved one in the midst of embarking on a new life
  • Carve a unique path walking forward, ever deeper into you own personal journey through loss, grief, and mourning.

What to Expect in Planning a Personal Grief Ceremony

A Personal grief ceremony is customized for your specific needs and in harmony with your subjective experience of loss. Together, we ascertain what you need in order to facilitate a healthy and meaningful passage through mourning and then design a ceremony around meeting those needs. 

We will address all the components of the ceremony:

  • WHO  will be present?
  • WHAT  you would like the ceremony to include? Meaningful actions, objects, symbols, letters, a conversation, music or fire ceremony?
  • WHEN  will the ceremony take place? An anniversary or birthday, a special time of day or year?
  • WHERE  will it be held? A location special to the two of you, your home, a park?
  • HOW do you want to hold the ceremony?Do you prefer to perform the ceremony privately, or do you want me to facilitate? (If so, you will schedule that separately).

The very process of planning the ceremony is cathartic and a form of grief counseling, allowing you a framework with which to sort out your thoughts and feelings regarding your loss.

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