Past Life Regression

“past life Therapy"

You are an eternal soul who carries forward learning, experiences and sometimes trauma from one human lifetime to another.

A Past Life Regression is indicated if you have significant emotional or physical issues that cannot be explained through examination of your current life, nor has any “normal” medical or therapeutic treatment been successful in alleviating symptoms. Other reasons are because you have a relationship dynamic that you just “know” originated prior to this lifetime or you have always been drawn to a certain time period or geographic location and are simply curious.

past life regression

Past Life Regression is a technique that uses Hypnosis to recover and relive the memories of past lives or previous incarnations. It is a therapeutic healing process that works on a deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to provide the possibility of resolution of many issues that do not seem to make sense within the context of your present life experiences. The issues may present as symptoms such as: anxiety attacks, chronic pain, depression, fears, phobias, and relationship conflicts and patterns with core people in your life. These issues may have originated in a past life from a desire, thought, feeling, emotion, vow, conflict, physical injury or a traumatic experience. By bringing these memories into conscious awareness, the imprint of trauma, emotional and physical, in your Light body (Soul) can be diffused, released and healed.

Past Life Regression is essentially “Soul Therapy” in the form of a guided meditation while in a deep hypnotic state. Hypnosis allows for an altered state of consciousness where we can access your multidimensional soul and initiate healing that has a ripple effect throughout all your lives; past, present and future.

What to Expect During a Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression is done in three parts: Conversation, followed by the Past Life Regression, then we take some time to Share and Integrate your experiences during the regression.

Conversation     We talk about the issues manifesting in your present life; relationship dynamics, physical problems, and emotional difficulties, and what treatment you have sought to relieve your symptoms (i.e. therapy, medications, etc.). I will gather some personal and family history, listen to your stories, and ask questions. We will discuss the process, expectations and get comfortable.

Regression     We will do some deep breathing and a progressive relaxation to bring you into a gentle but deep state of hypnosis. During the process, I will guide you through the significant events of two or three previous lifetimes where relationships, karmic patterns and lessons are examined and experienced. We will keep up a dialogue during your journey about what you are seeing and experiencing. You may feel intense emotion during certain scenes but you will always be safe.

We follow the current presenting symptoms back to their original source or root cause and encourage the story to unfold, helping you to understand the karmic patterns involved. Directly re-living and re-experiencing key events of a past life yourself helps to bring closure and healing to events of that lifetime often resulting in a change of perspective, healing, forgiveness and resolution of current symptoms and conflicts. Even if you are unsure these “memories” are true, past life experiences function as symbolic stories and are still extremely effective in resolving current issues.

Note: If you wish to record our session, I’ll have you set that up before we begin the Regression.

Sharing & Integration    You share your experiences, feelings, emotions, and insights from your journey. While some insights may be instantly recognizable, others may take days or weeks for the meaning to bubble up to the surface. If we went into the regression to heal a specific symptom, phobia or issue, we will discuss the results and coordinate a follow up to check your progress.

Dr. Brian Weiss, the well-known psychiatrist whose book, Many Lives, Many Masters, in one of the most instructive accounts of Past-Life Therapy, writes, “Past-Life Therapy is a well established psycho-therapeutic technique that works.” “My findings indicate,”he adds, “that the therapeutic arena needs to be enlarged, that we cannot stop the psychic archaeology at childhood or even infancy, but that past-life patterns and memories also must be excavated for complete healing to occur.”

I had the privilege of training directly with Brian Weiss, M.D. at the Omega Institute where I spent a week gaining theoretical knowledge as well as intensive training in practical skills and hands on experience in past-life regression therapy. I learned the techniques that Dr. Weiss developed to add a new dimension to the therapeutic repertoire of health-care professionals, highlighting the mind-body connection and its relationship to healing physical and psychological illness. His revolutionary technique has helped thousands of people heal from phobias, anxiety and trauma and change the way they view the lives they live.

Past Life Regression and Guided Imagery can also be experienced as a Group.

Contact me to arrange a private session for your group.

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