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Holistic facials & body treatments rooted in herbalism

Our face & body treatments feature therapeutic wildcraft botanicals and natural skin care products that are ethically sourced, chemical and cruelty free.

holistic facials


Our holistic facial treatments combine traditional herbalism with modern techniques to deliver tangible results.

holistic body therapies

Holistic Body Therapies

Our professional body treatments integrate wildcraft botanicals with energy healing to balance and harmonize you - body, mind and spirit


Express Facial Treatments

Our Express Facial Treatments are just right for the busy woman who wants results with no fluff.

Holistic Facials

Soothing and restorative natural products gently coax your skin back into health and an extended herb infused oil massage that combines pressure point and mindful massage techniques eases tension and inflammation and allows kinks and knots to dissolve.  Relax while a custom blend of wildcraft and organic botanicals detoxifies and nourishes your face, Reiki energy clears and balances your chakras, and essential oil aromatherapy reduces stress and promotes emotional wellbeing.  This holistic treatment is a profoundly nurturing and healing experience for your body, mind and spirit. 

$95     80 min

Embrace whatever stage of life you’re in; whether you are still blessed with youth, in the full ripeness of your middle years, or enjoying the freedom and wisdom that comes with age and more than a few white hairs!  Allow me to customize this facial based on your unique skin care needs, whether it’s blemish control & skin detox, exfoliation & hydration, or lifting, toning and stimulating circulation.Relax while your face bathes in a plumping collagen mask and enjoy a relaxing hand or foot massage with (or without) CBD oil to reduce inflammation in stiff joints. Finally, a rich blend of serums, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are massaged into your skin restoring the glow of health to women of all ages.

$75     50 min

Great for blemish prone skin as well as inflammatory conditions. A calming cleanser, gentle exfoliation and custom blend of herb infused oils soothes red, irritated, inflamed and dehydrated skin. Enjoy a hand or foot massage while your face bathes in a cool, hydrating and calming mask.

$75     50 min

For the flower child in all of us!  Mellow out with this groovy facial featuring the all natural, chemical and cruelty free products from the Mad Hippie skincare line.  We start with a creamy cleanser and then use the Microdermabrasion Facial scrub to smooth away dry dead skin.   Wildcraft herb infused massage oil and a botanical rich mask (Flower Power!) are followed with the deliciously decadent Mad Hippie antioxidant and Vitamin C serums. The triple “C” moisturizer seals it all in.    Peace. 

$75     50 min

Holistic Body Treatments

A combination of carefully selected healing and detoxifying wildcraft herbs and therapeutic botanicals are made into compress balls which are applied to your body with a gentle massage action.  This warm infusion of herbs, botanicals and oils provides nutrients to the skin while penetrating deep to help heal and relax the muscles and organs within, remove impurities, detoxify the body, and aid in cell renewal, leaving your skin healthy with a natural glow. Breathe in the healing aromatherapy while you are semi-wrapped with a warm herbal compress gently placed on your back and Reiki healing energy clears and balances your chakras. An indulgent experience that promotes the health and wellness of body, mind and spiritl and leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and at peace.

$95     80 min

A traditional eastern scalp treatment using an authentic blend of natural botanicals and oils. This massage also includes an extended shoulder, neck, upper back and face massage for a completely relaxing experience. This powerful and invigorating treatment helps clear tension in the head, nourishes the hair and scalp, relaxes the body and leaves you feeling calm and refreshed.

$65     45 min

Express Facial Treatments

Hard core exfoliation, no fluff.   You will start to see an improvement after your first treatment, but the results from cumulative monthly sessions will be much greater.  Treatment includes cleansing, Microdermabrasion on face, neck and chest, a deeply penetrating moisturizer and SPF. (Please arrive with a clean make-up free face.)

$50     30 min

A lactic acid peel helps improve the tone and texture of your skin. Treatment includes cleansing, Lactic Acid peel on face (neck and chest if desired), a deeply penetrating moisturizer and SPF. (Please arrive with a clean make-up free face.)

$50     30 min

An enzyme mask helps improve the tone and texture of your skin. Treatment includes cleansing, pumpkin or pineapple enzyme peel on face (neck and chest if desired), a deeply penetrating moisturizer and SPF. (Please arrive with a clean make-up free face.)

$50     30 min

A powerful combination of lactic acid or an enzyme mask to dissolve the damaged outer layer of skin and a gentle microdermabrasion to assist in resurfacing your face, leaving your skin ready and able to absorb a custom combination of serums, antioxidants and a deeply penetrating moisturizer. (Please arrive with a clean make-up free face.)

Only available to preexisting clients and only if I feel your your skin will tolerate this combo. Contact me before booking. 

$65     45 min

Medicinal herbs

My name is Kari and I have a holistic healing and wellness practice located in Monument, Colorado. As a holistic skin care therapist and spiritual herbalist, I provide customized natural and wildcraft botanical treatments that focus on restoring health and balance not only to your skin, as your largest organ, but also to your mental, energetic and spiritual states as well. I am a Shamanic Reiki Master and provide Integrated energy healing, heart centered and trauma informed care in my practice. I believe that a healing touch from an empathetic and sensitive provider is capable of much more than cleansing the skin or relieving muscle tension, it can shift energy and ground you solidly back in your body restoring balance to body, mind and soul.

I have been a licensed Esthetician and skin care business owner for over 12 years and hold many advanced certifications. Over the years I have been privileged to work as an Esthetics Instructor, as well as at The Broadmoor Hotel & Spa, in addition to having my own business.

If you are looking for a holistc approach to natural skincare, I invite you to come join me for an hour of peace and tranquility. Let me help you present the very best version of “you” to the world.


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