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Kari is a Spiritual Healer in the Shamanic tradition. She tracks, identifies and heals the energetic imprint of emotional and physical trauma, Soul damage, and “Karmic debris” at the source whether the origin is in this life or a past life. She draws from many healing modalities and complementary therapies offering a holistic, integrative, and heart centered approach to healing.


My Journey

KariIn our lives, we have all faced challenges and heartache – I have certainly been through more than my fair share!  I look at my scars like an impressive assortment of merit badges, proof of lessons learned and challenges mastered, but the true achievement is not in earning the badge, it is in healing the wound, letting go of the pain, and moving forward with resiliency and grace. For me, the journey of healing myself and becoming a healer were one and the same. “Healer, heal thyself”!  I am a healer. It is my life purpose to ease suffering and alleviate fear wherever possible. In order to do that effectively, I needed to understand, embrace, and heal my own trauma, my own darkness, before I could help others with theirs. I have gained much wisdom in my quest for the very deepest Soul cleansing and healing. I’ve taken the journey, asked the Soul deep questions and received some life changing answers. I have developed the strength, wisdom, empathy and compassion that only one who has lived through hell can truly embody.

For a Spiritual Healer there is a difference between acquiring information and having real knowledge. In the words of the badass spiritual guru Danielle LaPorte: “Widsom comes from lived and earned experience. You went through the experience, you had your own awakenings and insights – you developed wisdom – you didn’t just download the PDF.” Whatever wisdom and knowledge I now possess, I’ve earned the hard way and over many years. A quote from Henry Rollings sums it up:

“Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit."

I have knowledge. I have mileage. I have wisdom. No bullshit.

My journey as a healer began in truth when I enrolled in my first Reiki class and then started getting “messages” from Spirit. I was guided to join a psychic development group where my gifts were nurtured and expanded. It wasn’t long after starting to heal clients with “traditional Reiki” that I was guided by Spirit to take a completely different approach than what I had learned so far. I was prompted to “journey”, first to the Upper World and later to the Lower and Middle Worlds to identify, track, and heal Soul damage. I let Spirit take the lead, and they took over much of my training and put me through my own painful and humbling initiations. Spirit taught me skills that I recognized later when they appeared in workshops and books on Shamanic Healing. I was also guided to investigate many other healing modalities and therapies.

“When I call, Spirit listens. When Spirit calls, I listen."


I have been called by Spirit to be of service, and I answered the call.

I am a Shamanic Reiki Master and have received the nine rites of the Munay-Ki, various energy healing master attunements, and multiple certifications in complementary healing modalities and therapies including: Hypnotherapy (numerous certifications in specialties such as PTSD, Trauma Recovery, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Immune Disorders, Pain Management Inner Child, and Healthy Boundaries),  NLP (Timeline Therapy), EFT (Tapping), Holistic Stress Management and Herbalism.


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