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Kari Shamanic Reiki MasterThe core of what I do is Shamanic Reiki Soul healing. If you have been through a traumatic experience, a life transition, loss, or simply feel like you’re not 100%, a Shamanic Reiki Soul Healing will restore your vital essence and energy, release unhealthy attachments, and rejoin you with Soul parts that may have gone missing. 

I also offer other spiritual healing modalities and shamanic services to heal your mind, body & Soul.

Shamanic Reiki Soul Healing is a Shamanic approach to Reiki energy healing, focusing on locating and healing the source of your issue, the imprint of trauma in the unconscious mind, the energetic field, the body and Soul.

A Past Life Regression is a therapeutic healing process that works on a deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to provide the possibility of resolution of many issues that do not seem to make sense within the context of your present life experiences

Space Clearing or “Smudging” cleanses and heals your environment. I liberate trapped spirits, clear residual negative energy and transmute it to positive high vibrations.

A Personal Grief Ceremony The very process of planning the ceremony is cathartic and a form of grief counseling, allowing you a framework with which to sort out your thoughts and feelings regarding your loss. It facilitates a healthy and meaningful passage through mourning.

The Guided Journeys can be a more profoundly rich and healing experience than if I journey or read for you. If you don’t want to be told what I see for you, but want to see it for yourself, try a guided journey. 

Spiritual Guidance & Readings are helpful when you need more than just comfort or advice from a well meaning friend. You need guidance with the full weight of Spirit behind it.

Keep in mind that what you need to heal today, may not be what you need at another point on your healing journey. For example, after a sudden, unexpected loss or breakup, you may come in for a Personal Grief Ceremony or Cord Cutting to soothe your immediate and acute emotional turmoil. Then, later on, after you’ve moved past the initial trauma, you may want to come in for a Shamanic Soul Healing to heal any residual emotional wounds and/or retrieve a lost Soul part.  OR,  you may choose to do that in the reverse order, heal your Soul and then give a meaningful period at the end of that sentence with a Ceremony or Cord Cutting.

If you are uncertain what service you need, or in what order, please schedule a call for a 20 minute consultation to  discuss the options that best meet your needs.

You’ve been guided here to begin your personal healing journey. Let’s work together to bring you back into a state of joy, inner peace, health and wellness.


Experience profound soul level healing of emotional and physical trauma


Toxic thought and behavior patterns, past relationships, fear, guilt, shame and grief


Depression, stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, and “feeling stuck"


Awaken and empower your inner healer - transform your life and restore a state of wholeness and health

Reasons to seek a Spiritual Healing

Do you...?

Feel stuck in a behavior pattern which continues to repeat itself?

Feel that life has lost it’s meaning?

Feel drained, fatigued, lethargic?

Have emotional trauma that does not respond to traditional therapy or other healing modalities?

Feel your life is consumed by persistent fear, chronic stress or anxiety?

Experience emotional distance, apathy or numbness?

Suffer from a chronic illness?

Feel your depression or anxiety is not responding to modern medications?

Feel blocked, stuck or unable to move forward?

Feel lost after going through a major life transition or loss?

Feel shattered, split, fragmented or broken after a traumatic event?

Have an unhealthy connection with any individual, past partner or family member?

Have difficulty staying present in your body?

Have a lack of joy, motivation or enthusiasm?

Have feelings of emptiness which you try to fill with external things?

Have a feeling of being “attacked” energetically or psychically by someone?

Feel like you need to be “put back together”, or made whole again?

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Praise & Gratitude

Kari creates an atmosphere of compassion and trust that allows you to fully engage in your healing journey... A safe, nonjudgemental, nurturing and respectful space to release your trauma, grief, negative beliefs and unhealthy behaviors.


Kari’s soothing, empathetic and accepting manner will put you at ease. Her ability to distill a situation to it’s essence with clarity and incisive observations will help you cut through the noise and mental clutter to your deepest truths and clear outdated beliefs, unhealthy habits and unsupportive energy patterns which prevent you from living your most fulfilling and authentic life.


To say Kari and her healing gifts changed my life would be an understatement. Her ability to channel and heal where and when it is needed is incredible. Every time I have had a session with her I feel a significant change in my own aura and like a piece of me or my soul opens up. She also is a wonderful teacher and has taught me reiki in a way other teachers haven’t been able to. It has carried over in to my own spiritual work and assisted me in helping others. She is truly, truly gifted.


When I first met Kari, I was in a state of flux, my life was not congruent. I needed clarity and direction. I felt that an Akashic Reading would give me a better view of my purpose and what was going on between my physical and spiritual worlds. Kari was able to translate the information from Spirit so clearly and precisely. It woke up something inside me, I remembered who I am and brought me back into myself. I can move forward now with confidence because I feel reconnected with my soul. I would highly recommend Kari to anyone that feels lost, stuck, or doesn’t know themselves or their purpose.


Kari was easy to talk to as we prepared for my past life regression. She was empathetic when I shared my struggles, stressors, and trauma. She was thorough in preparing me for the process, and was very aware of my needs, even over the phone. The experience itself was life-changing. I felt safe and in control despite reliving some truly horrific moments. Processing everything has taken some time, and Kari has been kind enough to check in with me and make sure I’m doing okay. I have seen changes in myself and the way I relate to other people in my life since our past life regression session. A physical ailment I have had since I was a teenager has subsided. The results are beyond anything I could have hoped for, and I’m so thankful for Kari and her help in my healing journey.


Kari came recommended highly by my wife, so I decided to give the Soul Healing a try. I had been a little disconnected from my life and thought it couldn’t hurt. It was “f**king amazing!” It was like she turned on a light inside and gave me a complete knowing and acceptance of myself. Do it! You won’t be sorry.


Kari is absolutely incredible. Every experience is great and truly only gets better each time. She has helped me heal in more ways than I can explain. Her space is so calming and put together.wouldn’t choose anyone else!


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